Bitterns, herons and egrets

Bitterns, herons and egrets

Order:  Ciconiiformes . Family:  Ardeidae
The family Ardeidae contains the bitterns, herons and egrets. Herons and egrets are medium to large sized wading birds with long necks and legs. Bitterns tend to be shorter necked and more wary. Unlike other long-necked birds suck as storks, ibises and spoonbills, members of Ardeidae fly with their necks retracted. There are 61 species worldwide and 16 species which occur in Pakistan.

1.Black crowned Night Heron    Nycticorax nycticorax

2.Yellow Bittern  Ixobrychus sinensis

3.Little Bittern   Ixobrychus minutus

4.Cinnamon Bittern  Ixobrychus cinnamomeus

5.Black Bittern  Ixobrychus flavicollis

6.Great Bittern   Botaurus stellaris

7.Gray Heron   Ardea cinerea

8.Goliath Heron  Ardea goliath (A)

9.Purple Heron    Ardea purpurea

10.Eastern Great Egret  Ardea modesta

11.Intermediate  Egret  Egretta intermedia

12.Western Reef Heron  Egretta gularis

13.Little Egret    Egretta garzetta

14.Indian Pond Heron  Ardeola grayii


15.Cattle Egret   Bubulcus ibis

800px Red flush Cattle Egret Cattle Egret

16.Striated Heron  Butorides striata

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