Margalla Hills National Park

Margalla Hills National Park

The Margalla Hills National Park is located in Northern Pakistan at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a National Park. It is approximately 17,386 hectares in size.


Founded in 1980, the Margalla Hills National Park includes the Margalla range (12,605 hectares) of Rawal Lake, Shakarparian and sports and cultural complexes. The chain of hills that lies between an altitude of 685 meters and 1,604 meters on the west side to the east. 


The rock formations are 40 million years ago, and fossils of marine life abounds everywhere eloquent testimony to the effect that the hills were Margallah at a time under the sea 

Flora and fauna 

The vegetation of the southern side is short stuttered, including deciduous and evergreen shrubs with varied growth. In the north, pine and oak forests. The fauna is mainly Indo Himalayan, with some overlap of species Palacaretic. The birds found here are winter migrants and residents at higher elevations of northern spring / summer year, visitors to the farm, cash and short passage from day to arrive in the spring. 

Margalla has a variety of mammals, they include Leopard, Gray Goral, Barking deer, wild boar, jackal, fox and porcupines, among others. 
It also hosts a large number of birds such as skylarks, Paradise Flycatcher, Black grouse, pheasant them, Spotted Doves, the Egyptian vulture, hawks, falcons and Eagle.Reptiles as Russell's viper, Indian cobra Saw scale viper can be found here. 

Conservation Campaign 

Himalayan Wildlife Foundation is a project on a sustainable management strategy for the Margalla Hills National Park. 
Margalla Hills Society founded in 1989 is a registered trademark non-governmental organization based in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is managed by an elected executive. Its main objective is to preserve the natural environment of Margalla Hills National Park and prevent the removal of green space to promote the public interest in conservation, development and management of forests, wildlife and other natural resources Margalla Hills National Park and disseminate information on Marghalla Hills National Park, including history, geography, flora, fauna and culture of its benefits for the citizens of Islamabad. 

Tourism and monitoring 

The national park is the most accessible in Pakistan because of its proximity to the national capital, Islamabad. This is an important hub for birdlovers throughout the year. There are several hiking trails, with the most famous being Trail 3.

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