Protected Areas in Pakistan

Protected Areas in Pakistan 

 Pakistan has had 25 protected areas like national parks. Since 2009, 19 of them are under the supervision of the respective provincial governments and other private care.Only are some of them are in the field of conservation by the IUCN. Protection and conservation of the environment in Pakistan was included in the Constitution of 1973 competitors.Consequently, environmental protection was enacted in 1983, which is mainly governed by Environment and Urban Affairs Division. Later, a new system of law "modern protected areas was launched at the provincial level protected areas with assigned names such as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves. Other recommendations of the national parks of the ecozone Indomalaya highlighted in the review of IUCN 1986.Nevertheless, the development of national parks was carried out mainly by the National Conservation Strategy 1992. With greater awareness of their importance in the conservation of biodiversity, 10 national parks were established during the period from 1993 to 2005.According law "modern protected areas", a national park is a protected area one side by government for the protection and preservation of outstanding landscape and wildlife in its natural state. Is publicly available for research, education and recreation.

   To promote public use, road construction and nursing homes is allowed. The use of firearms, water pollution, land clearing for cultivation, destruction of wildlife is prohibited in the oldest national park is areas.The Lal Suhanra in Bahawalpur district, established in 1972.Itis also the only biosphere reserve in Pakistan.Suhanra Lal is the only national park established before the independence of the nation in August 1947. The main objective of this zone was to protect Wildlife Cholistan Desert.The newest addition to the Kala Chitta in Attock district, established in 2009.Central Karakorum in Gilgit-Baltistan is currently the largest national park in the country, covering a total area of ​​approximately 1,390,100 acres (3,435,011.9 hectares). The smallest is the Ayub National Park, with a total area of ​​approximately 931 hectares (2300.6 acres).

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